Common phobias in the cold winter months

Common winter related phobias

Winter is one of the most difficult times of the year in many ways. It is not only challenging to maintain physical health, but lack of sunlight and dull days take a toll on our mental well-being as well. A common concern in the cold season is the winter-related phobias. Yes, some common phobias surface particularly in the winter months, making it even more difficult to sail through the grey months.

Phobia in itself is not dangerous. It is actually referred to as a fallacious fear of something unlikely to cause harm. When someone has a phobia of a particular object or situation, they experience intense fear or anxiety when they are stuck in that situation or see the particular object. Here is a list of 5 common fears that people experience in the winter season.

​Fear or air

Anemophobia, also called acrophobia, is referred to as different kinds of air-related phobias. People suffering from this phobia often feel scared of gusty winds or storms, while others fear swallowing air. These people have the perception that the air is going to hurt them. In some cases, it may root from some past unpleasant event. The fear may range from mild to severe depending on the cause.

​Fear of snow

In places where it snows heavily, people also experience chionophobia or the fear of snow. This fear ranges from mild to severe and may even limit the movement of those living in colder climates. In severe cases, they also show physiological symptoms like rapid heart rate, trembling, shortness of breath, stomach upset, sweating and trembling.

​Fear of cold

The fear of cold also referred to as cryophobia, gets worse with the dip in the temperature. People suffering from this phobia are often scared of touching cold objects or of colder temperatures. This is more common among people living in the hilly area, where the winters are quite harsh and long. Cryophobia may arise from different reasons in a different person, but it is mostly associated with a person’s perception of cold things or weather.

​Fear of driving in winters

Extreme winter may even make people scared of driving in the season. This is more common in those who are not very familiar with the locality or have shifted from warm to a cold climate. This fear is so intense, most people prefer to sit at home rather than stepping outside. They often think that they will get hurt or will get stranded somewhere if they step outside. Fear of driving in winters, also known as chinophobia is more common in people who are afraid of snow, cold weather or being trapped.

​Fear of vomiting

Winter brings an array of health concerns with itself like cold, flu and stomach upset. Vomiting is another common ailment that bothers people in this season. Some people fear to vomit too much or getting sick, so they skip going out in winters. This is referred to as emetophobia.



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